Dramas of a teacher who fled extremist attacks from Mocímboa da Praia to Mueda up to Montepuez district

We are talking about Sadique Assane, from Namuno district, in Cabo Delgado. He is one of the displaced teachers currently assigned to Escola Primária Completa (EPC) de Mirige, in Montepuez district, since 2020. Assane taught at EPC Mangoma in Mocímboa da Praia district, which in October 2017, registered the first extremist attack.

Sadique describes the dramas he has been through over the last four years, which culminated with his move from Mocímboa da Praia to the district of Montepuez.

"When the armed groups attacked us, they burnt the village, they burnt my house and everything that I had. I had to flee into the bush with my four children and my wife. On our way out of the house we were not able to take anything. Our documents were burnt. After a few days we were able to cross to Mueda district and we came to excel here in Montepuez," he revealed.
Teacher Assane also told us that of his four children, two of them are school aged children, who saw their right to education jeopardised for a few months, as a result of the attacks.

“My two children spent almost half the year without going to school because of our moves, and when they started school again, we had to regress them. These attacks greatly interfered with their pedagogical performance. They now live with trauma. They are no longer the same”, he underlined.
UN data indicate that the extremist violence in Cabo Delgado province has already forced the dislocation of more than 784,000 people, of this number around 300,000 are school-age children, with school performance severely compromised.